Timber Picnic Bench

Date published: 30 March, 2015

This is for the installation of a wooden picnic bench with table.

Your Woods In and Around Towns Operational Plan map must clearly identify where the timber picnic bench will be positioned.

Picnic tables should be designed so that they are readily accessible to both able-bodied and disabled people, with some tables that are accessible to people in wheelchairs being provided in suitable locations.

At sites that are accessible to wheelchairs, some picnic tables that accommodate wheelchair users should be provided.

It is recommended that a 900 millimetre wide space is allowed for each wheelchair and that this is preferably situated between or adjacent to the seats for non-disabled people; circular or oval table designs are particularly well suited to this.

The provision of an access area, extending to at least 1,500 millimetres around the table, will assist when manoeuvring wheelchairs. This space should be level, accessible to any adjacent paths and suitably surfaced (e.g. aggregate with a high proportion of fines).

The surface around seating and picnic tables should be firm, stable and on the same level as the path.

Timber picnic bench:

  • seats and table top should be planed and round-edged, and free draining, with galvanised screws or bolts countersunk
  • main legs should be sturdy, minimum 100x100 millimetre section if timber, firmly anchored below ground level in holes backfilled with well-rammed earth and stones, plus concrete if required
  • height of the seat top should be 510 millimetres
  • table-top height should be 810 millimetres
  • there must be no horizontal spars above ground between bench and table, as that restricts accessibility

The timber must be sourced from a sustainable timber producer and be treated. Alternative materials (recycled plastic or galvanised steel) may be used if appropriate (must be agreed with Forestry Commission Scotland in advance) and are a higher overall specification than the standard described above.

Please ensure you abide by conditions set out in the Forestry Grant Scheme claim form and guidance.

Countryside Access Design Guide – Timber Picnic Bench

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