Date published: 27 June, 2017

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As part of any successful application, you will be required to inform the public about the support you receive. How you do this may depend on how much you receive.

For funding of any amount, you must place a short description about the project on any related websites, where a link between the purpose of the website and the support provided to the project can be established and highlighting the financial support received.

If you receive funding of more than €50,000, you must put up at least one poster or plaque with information about the project (minimum size A3) highlighting the financial support from the European Commission at a location readily visible to the public.

For funding of more than €500,000, you must erect an interpretation panel / billboard of significant size at a location readily visible to the public.

All plaques / posters must include:

  • the European emblem in accordance with the standards detailed in EU Commission Regulation 808/2014 Annex III Part 2
  • the statement “The European Agriculture Fund for Rural Development: Europe investing in rural areas”
  • a description of the project which shall take up at least 25 per cent of the plaque

In addition, all interpretation panels / billboards must include:

  • information about your project which highlights the financial support you received

The emblem should be as per the standards presented on the European Union website.

If you fail to display a poster or plaque or fail to erect an interpretation panel or billboard then we may withhold the monies due to you or seek the recovery of payments made to you for the project in question.

Examples of suitable wording for interpretation panels / billboards can be seen on the attached example which can also be used as an A3 size template for posters or plaques:

We've updated funding guidance and added an example of an A3 publicity poster.

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