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Date published: 4 August, 2015

Date superseded: 5 September, 2015

Applications for the Forestry Grant Scheme are online only.

You must register with Rural Payments and Services and have a Business Reference Number (BRN).

Find out how to register

You can submit applications for Forestry Grant Scheme funding throughout the year.

Forestry Commission Scotland conservancy staff will assess applications on an ongoing approval basis. The Forestry Grant Scheme is competitive and our aim is to select the applications that deliver the greatest benefits against our budget priorities.

Forestry Commission Scotland staff will process your application according to Forestry Commission Scotland's customer charter. This may include a site visit. We may also request further information from you.

If your application is approved and is less than £750,000 grant value, then you will be sent a contract approved by your local Forestry Commission Scotland conservator.

If the application selected for approval is for greater than £750,000 grant value, then this will require approval by a national assessment committee.

This committee will be led by Forestry Commission Scotland but will also have members from the Rural Payments and Inspections Division and Scottish Natural Heritage. It may also seek ministerial approval, dependent upon the Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs's practice at that time.

After the approved contract has been signed by both Forestry Commission Scotland and yourself, you may commence the work.

Guidance to help you apply online for the Forestry Grant Scheme is available.

Once you have logged in to Rural Payments and Services, you will be able to submit an application online.

You can do this by clicking 'Applications' from your customer home page and selecting 'Forestry Grant Scheme' from the dropdown list to start a new application.

Once you have completed your application, select 'Submit Application' and an acknowledgement of your application will appear along with an application reference number.

Please use this number for all communications with Forestry Commission Scotland, and for tracking the progress of your application.

Forestry Commission Scotland staff will assess your application and check it against the option(s) eligibility. We will also assess your financial eligibility.

When we assess woodland creation applications, we will give them a score based on how well the application meets current forestry and woodland strategies, together with local considerations such as enhancing local landscapes.

When we assess woodland management applications, we will give them a score based on how well it supports priority habitats and species and contributes to multi-purpose objectives.

We may need to consult others about woodland creation applications and may display details on our public register of grant schemes.

Public register of grant schemes

Please refer to the 'Additional Information' section on the main Woodland Creation page.

Woodland Creation

We will then contact you with our decision on approving your application.

For more information at any point in your application process, please contact your local Forestry Commission Scotland conservancy office.

Contact details

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