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This is an old version of the page

This is an old version of the page

Date published: 1 January, 2015

Date superseded: 20 January, 2016

The majority of Rural Payments and Services is © Crown copyright.

That means you may use and re-use any of the Crown copyright material featured here free of charge in any format or medium, under the terms of the Open Government Licence.

Where we do not own the copyright for a piece of content, we will state this. This includes logos and any material supplied by a third party.

You will need to check with the owner of material like this if you wish to use it.

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All Ordnance Survey data (maps) is covered by © Crown copyright and database right.

Ordnance Survey data is subject to additional licensing terms and conditions, which you can read using the link below.

Ordnance Survey licensing terms and conditions

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All maps in our system are for Rural Payments and Services purposes only and have no legal standing. They should not be used for any other purposes and do not represent the ownership of the land.

Royal Mail data on this site, such as the postcode lookup tool, is © Royal Mail copyright and database right – so you’ll need their permission if you want to reproduce any of their material.

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