Browser use and internet connection

Date published: 23 February, 2022

You should be able to use this website with most modern computers.

This website is designed to work on modern browsers and, to get the best performance, we recommend you use one of the following:

It's easy and free to update your browser.

You can use the links below to find out more about how to make changes to the settings of these and other common browsers we know are used by our customers, such as changing the font, colour of text, background and how pictures are displayed.

How to change the size of the text on this website

If you need the text on this website to appear bigger, you can adjust the settings in your browser.

  • for Edge, select the menu button on the top right-hand corner, then press the Zoom buttons. Alternatively, from the same menu choose 'Settings' -> 'Appearance', the use 'Font size' to adjust the text size.
  • for Chrome, select the menu button on the top right-hand corner, then > ‘Settings’ > ‘Show advanced settings’ > ‘Web Content’. Use ‘Font size’ to adjust the text size
  • for Safari, click on 'View' to open the drop-down menu. If you want to only change the text size rather than everything on the web page, make sure 'Zoom Text Only' is ticked. You can tick or untick it by clicking on it, or use the arrow keys to highlight it and then press Enter. Click 'Zoom In' to increase the text size or ‘Zoom Out’ to decrease
  • for Firefox, press the ‘Alt’ key to bring up the Firefox menus. On the menu at the top, click ‘View’, then go to ‘Zoom’. Select ‘Zoom Text Only’. This makes the controls only change the size of text

If you are using a PC or Apple Mac, you can also use the keyboard to change the size of text by holding down the Ctrl button (apple button on Macs) and the + or - buttons to make the text larger or smaller.

If you are using a tablet or smartphone, you can zoom into the page by placing two fingers on the screen and dragging them apart.

Printing your land details

If you’d like to create a pdf version of your land details (in your Single Application Form), you may need to adjust some of the settings on your browser. To do this, follow the below steps for Internet Explorer. For other browsers, this may differ.

  • in your browser window, select ‘Tools’ from the menu bar and select ‘Internet Options’ from the drop-down list
  • in the pop-up box, select ‘Advanced’
  • click ‘Reset’, which will reset your browsers settings. Please be aware, that this may change any other settings you have personalised in your browser
  • you should now be able to print your land details as a pdf

While we will work to make sure this website is accessible through as many devices and browsers as possible, it’s worth bearing in mind that your internet connection can sometimes limit access to online resources.

Common problems with an internet connection that could stop you fully using this website may include:

  • slow internet speed in your area
  • no or limited access to broadband
  • firewalls or security software being used on your network
  • the number of devices using your internet connection
  • problems with the router or hub in your home or office
  • out-of-date software on your computer

The standard for broadband network speed as a minimum is BT’s standard broadband service. This is up to 17Mb/s, limited to up to eight Mb/s in some rural areas.

Speeds of below six Mb/s (including dial-up services) are not suitable for our website and may not provide you with a good user experience.

Digital Scotland Superfast Broadband

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