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How we use your information

We take our responsibilities for the way we store, secure and use your personal information seriously, and always seek to respect your privacy and to meet our legal obligations. These obligations include the General Data Protection Regulation, the UK Data Protection Act, and other regulations and legislation relating to privacy and communications. To see details on how we use your information and who we share your information with, please see our privacy policy located at: https://www.ruralpayments.org/privacy-policy/ or available in paper form from your area office.

Our Privacy Policy explains the purposes for which we use personal data and the legal basis for that use. It explains our responsibilities for collecting data and what happens if you fail to provide data we need or provide incorrect data. We set out the categories of data we collect and how we acquire it, especially in those cases where it may come from another party.

The Privacy Policy also sets out our approach to sharing data and gives information about the organisations with whom we share data and why we do so. Finally, we advise you of your various rights and how to exercise them.

If you are providing information to us on behalf of someone else (for example, as an agent representing a Scheme applicant), you are advised to draw this section of the Guidance and the Privacy Policy to the attention of any individual whose data is being processed. This is in order to help you fulfil your obligations under data protection legislation towards your clients or those whom you represent.

We will not ask for any special category data, for example your ethnic origin, or sensitive personal data, such as your personal bank account details, during the web chat.

Any personal data sought, and collected, during the web chat will be used by Scottish Government staff to identify and authenticate the caller prior to any communication about the business taking place. Scottish Government staff have the right to terminate a call if they are unsure of the authenticity of the caller.

The personal data collected during the web chat will be encrypted and stored securely for a period of two years. After this period the transcript of the web chat will be automatically destroyed.

A copy of the web chat transcript will not be available to you. If required, please make your own record of the web chat for your own use.

The data from the transcript of the web chat will not be transferred to a third country or territory outside the European Economic Area.