Changes to how cattle are registered

From Monday 4th October 2021, the registration of all cattle births, deaths and movements outside a keepers business are required to be notified to the ScotEID database system, rather than the current Cattle Tracing System (CTS) operated by the British Cattle Movement Service (BCMS).

The new service will be known as ScotMoves+ and it is an extension of the work which is already carried out by ScotEID who operate Scotmoves to record internal business moves. From this date, all cattle keepers in Scotland will use this system to register new-born animals, apply for cattle passports, notify business-to-business cattle moves and register deaths. The development of ScotMoves+ is the final element of additional functionality for the recording of cattle information onto ScotEID.

ScotEID will also be sending this data to CTS in order to maintain a UK view of cattle data, which will enable that data to be used by others, for example, the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) in the event of an animal disease outbreak. This will speed the traceability of animals to near real time for disease prevention, eradication, control and the protection of public health, whilst maintaining domestic and international trade.

Registering with Scotmoves+

If you wish to register a new-born animal, apply for a cattle passport or notify a business-to-business cattle move then you don’t need to do so before the 1st October 2021. You can notify any of this information when you need to following the transition, either online or by emailing or calling ScotEID. If you have any questions in relation to the new service, then please contact ScotEID and they will be happy to assist. Further information is also available on the ScotEID website

Published on: 27 September, 2021