Early selection of Spring born calves

The BES Scheme year update indicated that an early selection would be provided for those that are likely to sell spring born animals early.

This is purely a voluntary action, but if you wish to take this up, please ensure that you record your spring born calving data by close of play on 9 June 2020.

Tags for this early selection will begin to issue in early July and all will be issued by the beginning of September.

Applicants who do not wish to enter their data by this date remain subject to the scheme deadline of 15 July 2020 for recording calving data for calves born 1 January 2020 to 1 June 2020. A selection of these spring calves will be made in late July with tags starting to arrive in August and all tags arriving by 1 November 2020.

Last updated: 27 May, 2020