Limiting the spread of bee disease - letter from Environment Minister to beekeepers

Environment Minister, Gillian Martin has written to Scotland's beekeepers to remind them of action which can and should be taken to help maintain the health and wellbeing of honeybees.

The Scottish Government has a dedicated team to support the beekeeping sector by implementing a national Bee Health Plan. Specialised bee inspectors also conduct regular inspections of apiaries to look for the presence of disease and pests, and help ensure a healthy honey bee population.

But with unprecedented levels of American and European Foulbrood diseases, keepers are being reminded that it is best practice to:

- Register and keep the locations of your apiaries up to date on BeeBase

- Acquaint yourselves with the symptoms of foulbrood diseases and how to conduct a full inspection

- Report any suspicion of disease to the Bee Health Team

- Maintain strict biosecurity measures and hygiene procedures

- Isolate swarms of unknown origin

The full letter contains further advice and details on the use of medicines for Varroa control

Published on: 14 August, 2023