Rural Development: Agri-Environment Climate Scheme full guidance

Full guidance and rules for the Agri-Environment Climate Scheme


An introduction to the Agri-Environment Climate Scheme


Check the eligibility criteria for this scheme

Occupancy of land

Requirements around occupancy of land

How to apply

Information on the scheme applications process

Checklist of requirements for applications

Guidance on what information should be submitted as part of your application

Important Tips and Guidance for 2018 Applications

Guidance on things to watch for when completing your application

Further requirements for applicants

Guidance on the information, checks and quotes you need to provide before you apply

Designations: natural heritage, landscape, historic

Information on how designated land may impact your application


Information on what maps you'll need to provide as part of your application

Farm Environment Assessment

Completing a Farm Environment Assessment is an important part of applying

Diffuse pollution risk assessment and Diffuse pollution steading assessment

Guidance on how to complete your diffuse pollution risk assessment and Diffuse pollution steading assessment


Management options or capital items which lie outside your target area

Application assessment

How applications are assessed

Scoring criteria

The scoring criteria we use to assess all applications

Funding under this scheme

Funding that you can access through this scheme

Double funding and option incompatibility

Situations where double funding may occur and how to prevent it

Management diaries and advice on calculating stocking densities

Information about management diaries for contracts under AECS


Inspections you may face if you receive funding from this scheme

Contract variations

How to request a variation to a contract

Breaches and penalties

Information on breaches and penalties relating to this scheme

Claims and payments

How to make claims and how payments will be made

Contract succession

Guidance for passing on an AECS contract to a new landowner or occupier


Publicity commitments you must undertake if you benefit from funding

Withdrawing from the scheme

What to do if you need to leave your funding agreement


How to request a review of a decision relating to an application


How to appeal a decision we've made


What to do if you have a complaint