Capital items

Date published: 25 March, 2022

The version of this page applicable to the AECS 2021 restricted round can be found in the Agri-Environment Climate Scheme full guidance archive.

Please note:

For all applications, only essential capital items will be accepted.

For agri-environment type applications this would include:

  • Capital items that are directly required to deliver the management option, such as the capital item Creation of Wild Bird Seed for Farmland Birds which is essential for the Wild Bird Seed for Farmland Birds option.
  • Essential complimentary capital items, such as Creation of Wader Scrapes or Cutting of Rush Pasture.
  • Any other capital items that are essential to achieve the outcome of your application.

It is not anticipated that applicants returning to the scheme from expired or expiring 2015, 2016 and 2017 contracts would seek funding for the same capital items in the same locations as in the original contract. The exception would be where the same capital item is needed in order to deliver essential ongoing management under the new application.

If you received funding for fencing in a previous AECS round you cannot apply for remedial or replacement fencing in a new AECS application. Similarly, you cannot apply for remedial or replacement fencing under AECS if you have received funding for fencing under another SRDP mechanism such as the Crofting Agricultural Grant Scheme.

For fences funded in the early rounds of the Rural Priorities Scheme or comparable previous schemes up to 2014 that are not expected to last another five years, applications can be considered for fencing costs on stretches of fence needing replaced subject to a site visit by the case officer to confirm the costs are justifiable.

The Improving Public Access (IPA) scheme is open for applications from 28 February 2022 to 29 April 2022.

The guidance for IPA has been updated and the capital items requirements further clarified. Please also note that the New Path - semi-bound surface capital item is no longer available.

To apply for these capital items, the specific eligibility requirements for each item must be met, such as if the item is standalone or has to be associated with a path, new IPA path or upgraded IPA path. Check the IPA capital items hyperlinks below for full details of each items individual specifications and requirements:

Section Change
*Please note (at top of page) Updated information in late March 22 to explain issues related to funding for fencing and repositioning of Alternative Watering and Small scale tree planting from ‘Non- targeted capital items which must be linked to a management option’ to ‘Non - targeted capital items which can stand alone’.
Capital items for Improving Public Access (IPA) Updated guidance for individual capital items.
Whole page Update for 2022.