Supporting guidance for Upland Habitat Impact Assessment for Deer Management

Date published: 30 March, 2015

This item supports land managers to undertake a habitat impact assessment (HIA) to inform their deer management plans.

Habitat impact assessment provides high quality information about herbivore impacts and herbivore distribution over open-range habitats within a deer range. Deer managers can use this information to identify where to focus their management effort to improve the condition of important habitats over the open range.

Plan your habitat impact assessment with all owners and land managers within the deer range. The deer range should include land designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest or Natura site, which is in, or is at risk of falling into Unfavourable condition. Your assessment should be carried out using the methods laid out in 'A Guide to Upland Habitats Surveying Land Management Impacts'.

Consult Scottish Natural Heritage area staff to agree the habitats, area and methods to be employed before you submit your application. Make sure the habitat impact assessment is undertaken by individuals trained in the methodology. Supply a report of the habitat impact assessment findings and a map showing plot locations, their GPS co-ordinates and details of impacts recorded.

  • map with OS backdrop showing
    - property boundaries
    - designated site boundaries
    - habitats
    - habitat impact assesment area
    - location of habitat impact assesment sample points
  • a list of the proposed personnel to be used to complete habitat impact assesment
  • a list of which habitats you plan to assess and why
  • how you will present your data
  • Scottish Natural Heritage area contact and approval