Basic Payment Scheme full guidance

Full guidance and rules for the Basic Payment Scheme


Introduction to the Basic Payment Scheme

Key dates

Key dates for the Basic Payment Scheme

Main features

The main features of the scheme

Payment rates

Information on how payment rates will change over the course of the programme

Eligible hectares and minimum agricultural activity

Guidance on minimum activity and how to complete an Environmental Assessment

Assessing your land eligibility

Information on what land is and is not eligible for the Basic Payment Scheme

Mapping rules for land managers

Guidance on mapping rules for land managers

How to apply

How to apply and activate and claim your entitlements


How we will pay you

Transfer of entitlements

Detailed information on transferring payment entitlements

Other aspects

Penalties, transfer of holdings, force majeure and financial discipline

Reductions and penalties

Guidance on how and why we may apply penalties to your payment


How to appeal a decision we've made


What to do if you have a complaint


Information on the Greening requirements of the Basic Payment Scheme

Cross-border holdings

Guidance for farmers with land in more than one part of the UK

Greening guidance (2018)

Guidance for the Greening rules that form part of the Basic Payment Scheme