Introduction and updates

Date published: 9 January, 2017

For recent changes to this guidance, please see the bottom of the page.

This guidance provides details on the three Greening elements of the Common Agricultural Policy and should be read in conjunction with the guidance for the Basic Payment Scheme and Cross Compliance.

Please ensure that you read all the relevant elements of this updated 2017 guidance (including the annexes) if you are intending to apply under the Basic Payment Scheme.

Scheme and other changes for 2017

At the time of publication no scheme changes have been identified for this booklet for 2017. However, the European Commission is currently reviewing Greening as part of Commissioner Hogan's simplification agenda, which the Scottish Government will consider when confirmed. If, following review, there are changes which impact on 2017, these will be notified as updates to this booklet in due course.

In this guidance:

Recent changes

Section Change
Main textUpdated for 2017 to advise that there are no scheme changes for this year

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