Food Processing, Marketing and Co-operation

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This scheme can provide support grant to suppliers and producers to contribute to the government’s overall vision for food and drink in Scotland, which is to be a Good Food Nation, where it is second nature to produce, buy, serve and eat fresh, healthy food.

The food and drink sector can also help to make Scotland healthier, wealthier and smarter, with stronger communities and production that is socially and environmentally sustainable.

Through this scheme, you can apply for:

  • start-up grants for a new food processing business
  • development grants for an existing food processing business

Funding can help you:

Capital Projects:

develop or create food processing facilities, including buildings and equipment

Non-Capital Projects:

  • market your products in home and export markets at
    national/international trade shows/fairs.
  • to run co-operative ventures to make sure more value is retained
    by both farmers and growers
  • to improve supply-chain efficiency

A further application round opened on 01 May 2018 and will close to applications on 31 August 2018. Applications must be received by us by 31 August 2018. No late application will be accepted.

Applicants will be notified of the results of their application in mid-December 2018.

Although works on the project can begin once you have received notification of approval of grant award, and returned the grant acceptance, no claims can be made for the projects until April 2019.

You must not start work on any aspect of your project, with the exception of preliminary costs before receiving notification of the grant award.

Final claims for your projects must be received by 31 March 2021, or we will be unable to make payment.

Eligible & Ineligible Cost Examples

We encourage applications to be submitted as soon as possible in advance of the deadline. If all or the majority of applications are received within the last week, this may have an impact on the expected notification of outcome date.

If you have any queries or questions please contact the team who manage the scheme direct. Details can be found below in the Contact section.

*update* - July -2016 - applications for non-capital projects will be accepted from 3 August,

Funding awards

The below document lists all of the successful applications which have been approved under this scheme to March 2019.

Full scheme guidance

Full guidance

Please visit the dedicated page to access the relevant forms for this scheme.

Food Processing, Marketing and Co-operation forms

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