Chemical Weeding

Date published: 30 March, 2015

This item is for controlling grasses and other vegetation that is competing with either planted trees or regeneration through either spot or band weeding where this action helps meet the objectives of the Woodland Improvement Grant – Low Impact Silvicultural Systems option.

You must record the area designated for chemical weeding on a map and give the management reasons for the operation in your application.

Prior to carryingout any chemical application within a woodland, you should refer to Forestry Commission Practice Guide 15: Reducing Pesticide Use in Forestry which provides a decision aid to assess impacts and select a non-chemical solution, or if chemical use is unavoidable, to aid in keeping chemical use to a minimum.

You must follow the Code of Practice for herbicide spraying and guidance in the Health and Safety Executive's documentation on the application of pesticides by handheld equipment.

Please ensure you abide by conditions set out in the Forestry Grant Scheme claim form and guidance.

There is also information to assist you on the Forestry Commission website on reducing pesticide use in forestry.

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