Chipping and Mulching

Date published: 30 March, 2015

This is available where the objective is to clear a site of tree debris and brash for habitat restoration or recreational purposes.

The material must be mulched or chipped. This can be done on or off site as agreed with Forestry Commission Scotland.

You must record the area designated for chipping or mulching on a map and give the management reasons for the operation in your application to demonstrate how this meets the objectives of either the Woodland Improvement Grant – Habitats and Species option or the Woodland Improvement Grant – Woods In and Around Towns option as detailed in your supporting information.

The sensitivity of the site must be taken into account and the method employed must therefore suit the site type and objective. Flailing may be used where less ground disturbance is required.

We require the site cleared to be managed for habitat restoration for a period of at least five years following the date you received your payment.

Please make sure you abide by conditions set out in the Forestry Grant Scheme claim form and guidance.

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