Make Safe Hazardous Mature Tree

Date published: 30 March, 2015

This should only be used where it is necessary to fell to make safe any tree between 20 and 40 centimetres (diameter at breast height). It is also for the removal of deadwood and other dangerous tree features in relation to trees of all sizes. To be eligible for this standard cost trees must have been identified for this action within a formal tree safety survey.

Your Woods In and Around Towns Operational Plan map must clearly identify where the tree works are located.

Remove dead, dying or diseased woodand broken branches within the crown. Leave a well-balanced and well-shaped crown. Implement any recommendations within the tree safety survey.

If present, remove planks, timbers, wires, clamps and metal objects if removable without causing further damage and not part of a support structure that is to be retained – remove above to an authorised tip.

Chip or remove all branch wood.

If the tree cannot be rendered safe through above actions, fell tree and remove and chip branch wood. Cut stem into three metre sections or smaller and leave in safe and stable condition away from paths and watercourses.

Please ensure you abide by conditions set out in the Forestry Grant Scheme claim form and guidance.

Common sense risk management of trees

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