Seedling Tree Removal (Hand Pulling)

Date published: 30 March, 2015

This item is available for:

  • the hand pulling of seedling trees following the clearance of woodland where the seedlings will affect the hydrology of a raised bog or blanket bog and hinder the recovery of the open bog habitat, or
  • the hand pulling of exotic tree species in native woodlands – this item should be used to address newly regenerating exotics before they become established

This is for low density seedling clearance (less than 500 stems per hectare).

You must record the area designated for seedling tree removal on a map and the management reasons for the operation will be detailed in the supporting information of the Woodland Improvement Grant – Habitats and Species option.

We require the site cleared of tree seedlings to be managed in the following years to ensure the site remains clear of all seedlings for a period of at least five years following the date you received your payment.

Please ensure you abide by conditions set out in the Forestry Grant Scheme claim form and guidance.

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