Forestry Grant Scheme full guidance

Guidance and rules for the Forestry Grant Scheme

Actual costs

Guidance on using actual costs

Contracts – period of undertakings

Details on the length of time you will be bound by a contract

Designed open ground

Additional guidance note for Woodland Creation options

General mapping guidance

The standard of maps required and what to include on your maps

How to apply

Information on the applications process

Licences and permissions

Information on licences, permissions and protected species legislation

Occupancy of land

Requirements around occupancy of land

Scoring criteria and clearing process

The scoring criteria we use to assess all applications


Inspections you may face if you receive funding from this scheme

Claims and payments

Guidance on making a claim and receiving payment

Breaches and penalties

Information on breaches and penalties


How to make an appeal


Publicity commitments you must undertake if you benefit from funding