Knowledge Transfer and Innovation Fund

The Knowledge Transfer and Innovation Fund has two aims.

The first is to promote skills development and knowledge transfer in the primary agricultural sector.

This will be achieved through providing funding to organisations to deliver vocational training, coaching, workshops, courses and farm visits designed to develop skills and transfer knowledge.

The second is to deliver on-the-ground improvements in agricultural competitiveness, resource efficiency, environmental performance and sustainability.

This will be achieved through meeting the running costs of operational groups seeking to implement innovative projects in these areas. Operational groups can be made up of different individuals or organisations within agriculture who are working collaboratively.

The scheme will be aligned with the European Innovation Partnership for agricultural productivity and sustainability. This helps form partnerships between farmers, advisers and businesses working on the ground.

These operational groups are expected to generate new insights and innovative ideas, as well as mobilising existing knowledge into practical solutions.

If you have any queries or questions please contact the team who manage the scheme direct. Details can be found below in the Contact section.

Further information about operational groups and collaboration can be found on the Scottish Rural Network website.

Scottish Rural Network

Update - June 2017

The date for the next KTIF - Project Assessment Committee (PAC) has been set:

  • applications must be submitted no later than Thursday, 31 August 2017
  • the PAC will meet to consider applications on Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Full scheme guidance

Full guidance


The following forms for this scheme can be found on the KTIF form page.

  • Application form: KTIF 2 - 2015
  • Additional information form: KTIF 2a
  • Claim form: KTIF 4
  • Request for change form: KTIF 5

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Scheme delivery

This scheme is delivered through:

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