Less Favoured Area Support Scheme (LFASS)

The Less Favoured Area Support Scheme (LFASS) provides essential income support to farming businesses in remote and constrained rural areas.

Funding is used to:

  • allow farmers and crofters to continue to operate as viable businesses
  • avoid the risk of land abandonment
  • help maintain the countryside by ensuring continued agricultural land use
  • maintain and promote sustainable farming systems

The current scheme will continue until 2018, however, from 2015 we have introduced, in certain circumstances, more opportunities for active farmers and crofters who were refused LFASS support during 2010–2014 to receive funding.

The payment rates per hectare have also been maintained until 2018, however Ministers may reduce them if necessary to keep within the £65.5 million budget available for LFASS each year.

European Union Rural Development regulations do not permit the continuation of the scheme unchanged after this year. It is proposed that LFA farmers and crofters will receive a parachute payment for 2018 of 80 per cent of their LFASS payment rate.

Full scheme guidance

Full guidance

Scheme delivery

This scheme is delivered through:

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