Scottish Rural Network

Community Event on Rough Isle. Photo copyright: Nic Coombey

The Scottish Rural Network is a forum for supporting and promoting rural development by helping people share ideas and good practice.

Delivered through a combination of online services, free events and initiatives, the aims of the network are:

  • to increase the involvement of rural communities, businesses and the wider public in developing policy that impacts on them
  • to improve how the Scottish Rural Development Programme is implemented
  • to inform farmers, rural communities and the public about policy and funding opportunities
  • to foster innovation in agriculture, food production, forestry and rural areas

Each year the network organises and runs a programme of free events and activity to help achieve its aims.

This can include:

  • initiatives and events that help inform policy
  • showcasing examples of projects funded through the Scottish Rural Development Programme and promoting best-practice through case studies, competitions and sharing knowledge
  • informing the public though newsletters, articles, videos, social media and events
  • organising project visits to encourage co-operation and sharing of knowledge

Getting involved

The Scottish Rural Network is open to anyone interested in rural development.

The network is a tool to share knowledge and most of the content on our website is provided by users themselves.

The website also has a host of information and resources centred around supporting you and your community. This includes news and events, information on available funding and case studies to show what others in rural areas are doing to promote development.

Scottish Rural Network website

You can also get regular updates through the network's social media channels:

Service delivery

This service is delivered through:

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