Scottish Rural Development Programme

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The Scottish Rural Development Programme (SRDP) channels millions of pounds into the rural economy.

It helps create vibrant rural communities, protect and enhance our environment, support rural businesses, and helps the farming industry to grow and modernise.

Funding is used for a diverse range of projects by individuals, businesses and groups through grant schemes. Full details of the schemes and support available through the Scottish Rural Development Programme can be found in our schemes section, along with information on Pillar One Direct Payments.

Help is also available through the Scottish Rural Network and the Farm Advisory Service.

The Scottish Rural Development Programme was approved by the European Commission in May 2015, with a budget of over £1.3 billion to deliver on its priorities.

This includes the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development, Scottish funds and transfer of funds from Direct Payments of 9.5 per cent, which is necessary to address the specific needs facing Scotland.

The programme is:

  • simpler – with a clear list of schemes
  • straightforward – through an improved application process for land-based schemes and a two-tier approval process
  • effective – through better targeting, support for co-operative action and improved advice and closer alignment with other EU and domestic funds
  • customer focused – with improved guidance, enhanced customer support, an expanded advisory service and the Scottish Rural Network
  • accessible – through targeted support for small farms and an improved and approval process for grants under £75,000 for land-based schemes

More information about the development. monitoring and governance of the Scottish Rural Development Programme is available on the Scottish Government website.