Statutory Management Requirements (SMRs) 2018

Information on SMRs

Nitrate Vulnerable Zones (SMR 1)

Reducing pollution in our waters

Conservation of wild birds (SMR 2)

Protecting wild birds, their eggs and nests

Conservation of flora and fauna (SMR 3)

Special Areas of Conservation (SAC)

Food and feed law (SMR 4)

Regulations governing animal feed

Pig identification and registration (SMR 6)

Advice to reduce the risks of pig disease spreading

Cattle identification and registration (SMR 7)

Rules for the identification and registration of cattle

Sheep and goat identification (SMR 8)

Maintaining the identification and traceability of sheep and goats

Restrictions on the use of plant protection products (SMR 10)

Minimising risk to humans, animals and the environment

Welfare of calves (SMR 11)

Protecting the welfare of calves

Welfare of pigs (SMR 12)

Rules for the care, management and welfare of pigs

Welfare of farmed animals (SMR 13)

Minimum standards for the welfare and care of farmed animals