Overview of Cross Compliance

A Cross Compliance inspection checks that you are complying with a number of rules and regulations that cut across different areas of your business.

We carry out Inspections on both Direct Payments and certain Scottish Rural Development Programme payments.

The results of inspections can affect how much funding you receive.

We check that you are meeting two sets of requirements, which are based on European and Scottish legislation:

  • Statutory Management Requirements (SMRs)
  • Good Agricultural and Environmental Conditions (GAECs)

These requirements are about how you manage your business. They cover the environment, public, plant and animal health and animal welfare.

When our inspector visits your farm, they will check that you are following the relevant regulations.

They will:

  • visually check your land – this could involve checking boundaries and features or looking for any erosion
  • physically check animals – this could involve making sure animals are properly tagged and well cared for
  • examine your records – this could involve making sure your animal, pesticide or Nitrate Vulnerable Zone (NVZ) records are complete and up to date

In some cases, other bodies carry out Cross Compliance inspections. For example, the Animal and Plant Health Agency inspect the animal welfare parts of Cross Compliance.