Pig inspections

Date published: 26 January, 2016

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Pig inspections are a part of the Cross Compliance inspections programme.

This means if you are selected for a Cross Compliance inspection and keep pigs, your records and pigs will be inspected.

Our inspector will count the number of animals at your farm and check your records and documents.

Specifically, our inspectors will check:

  • you are registered to keep pigs
  • your records are up-to-date
  • you have correctly documented any animal movements
  • you have notified pig movements to the ScotEID database
  • have identified animals correctly

Find out more about Cross Compliance here

Our inspections programme is designed to ensure the highest standards in Scottish agriculture, and the Scottish Government is liable for fines from Europe if there is widespread failure to meet key rules.

So, if you fail any part of your inspection, you could be liable for a reduction in payments or even legal action.

If you do fail part or all of your inspection, we will refer to this as a breach and any further action will be assessed depending on how serious the breach is.

The pig identification and traceability section of the Scottish Government website tells you about legislation on keeping pigs.

Pig identification and traceability

The following document (also known as a control report form – CRF) is used by RPID inspectors and offers some help and guidance on what you can expect when inspections take place.

Pigs – inspection report form (Pig ID CRF 2015)

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