Application forms and additional information sheets for the Environmental Co-operation Action Fund

Latest version published (refers to main application form only): 17 October, 2015

To use these forms your computer will need up-to-date PDF software.

Use this form to apply to the Environmental Co-operation Action Fund.

Use this form to demonstrate the costs you intend to incur. You must provide one for each calendar year of your application.

Use this form to record the type of work you have undertaken.

Use this form to evaluate the type of work you have undertaken.

Use this form to make a claim for costs you have incurred.

You can use additional sheets to send information that cannot be attached to the main application form (images etc).

You can use as many of the sections as you wish, but please make sure that you send the additional information together with your completed PF18 application form.

If you are sending additional sheets, make sure you have included the applicant/faciltator name, Business Reference Number and a contact telephone number.

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