Land registration

Date published: 1 January, 2015

We're responsible for keeping an accurate and up-to-date record of all land in Scotland being used for agriculture, forestry and other rural activities.

This is, in part, to make sure funding is allocated properly. So it's vital you register your land with us and keep your information up to date as it could affect any funding claims.

How it works

A land parcel is a defined area of land, with physical boundaries, that you have told us is being used for agricultural purposes, forestry and other rural activities, and is eligible for you to claim funding against.

Land is registered using the Land Parcel Identification System (LPIS). When a land parcel is registered with us it is allocated a Land Parcel Identifier (LPID).

You can register the location of your land by creating an account on Rural Payments and Services website.

Create an account

Once registered, you will receive a Business Reference Number. You need this number when applying for land-based funding through the Single Application Form.

When we process your Single Application Form, we'll check your form against the land you have registered.

If you have land which does not have a LPID and is not registered with us, you will need to complete a Land Maintenance Form. At the moment, this form isn't available to complete online.

PF06 - Land Maintenance Form

You may have more than one land parcel to claim against and each should have their own unique LPID. An LPID is made up of two letters and 10 numbers, e.g. in a format of NN/12345/54321.

Making changes

It is your responsibility to keep your land information up to date with us. Any out-of-date or inaccurate land information could result in a delay or reduction in any subsidy claim.

Examples of changes we need to know about are:

  • when you sell your business or change ownership in another way
  • when you buy, sell or transfer land
  • when you transfer land from one holding to another for any reason
  • when you change the permanent boundary of a land parcel
  • when you split or merge land parcels
  • when you register a land parcel for the first time
  • when you add or remove any features contained within a land parcel

Your land could be inspected at any time to check the details we hold are the same on the ground as in the LPIS.

So any changes should be made using the relevant Land Maintenance Form as soon as possible.

Hard copies of this form are available on request from area offices and all forms should be returned to your local Rural Payments and Inspections Division area office when completed.

Area office contacts

Things to remember

To help us update the LPIS as quickly as possible, we need you to give us the correct and accurate information.

Before you send us your form, please make sure you have:

  • included your Location Code
  • told us the date of the change
  • provided signatures from both parties if land ownership is being transferred enclosed the relevant mapping information
  • entered the correct change type code
  • signed and dated the form
  • kept a copy of the form

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