Land registration

Date published: 27 March, 2018

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To register your land, you must first be registered with Rural Payments and Services and have a Business Reference Number.

With your Business Reference Number, you can then register your land using the Land Maintenance Form.

When completing this form, you will be asked to list all of your land parcels. A land parcel is a defined area of land with physical boundaries, such as hedges, walls or rivers.

Each parcel of land that you want to register will be assigned a Land Parcel Identifier – or LPID – which we may ask you for when you apply for some types of funding or if you have a question about your business.

It is your responsibility to tell us if there are any changes to your land.

This could include change of ownership or a change to any of the physical features on the land. You can tell us about changes using the Land Maintenance Form.

Hard copies of this form are available on request from area offices and all forms should be returned to your local Rural Payments and Inspections Division area office when completed.

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