What to expect

At the start of the visit, our inspector will explain:

  • the purpose and reason of the inspection
  • how the inspection will be carried out
  • what they will need from you
  • how long the inspection will take

For some inspections, such as for forestry projects, the inspecting officer may contact you or your representative to explain the purpose of the inspection.

Our inspections can cover many areas, so our inspector may need to look at several different parts of your business.

For example, if you’ve applied for money to build a new building on your farm, we’ll want to check it’s in line with the proposals you submitted as part of your application.

But we may also inspect any animals you keep to check that welfare standards or identification and traceability regulations are being met. Our inspector may also need to look at your records to check the details of claims and applications.

You can find out what type of inspections you may face using our inspections checker.

Inspections checker

To make sure your Inspection is as smooth as possible, there are some things you can do to help:

  • make sure any claims and declarations are accurate
  • keep copies of your applications and declarations for reference
  • make sure your records and documents are up to date and close at hand
  • when requested, accompany the inspecting officer during the inspection, if at all possible
  • be prepared to present your animals and make sure handling facilities are suitable and well maintained. This will reduce any risk to people handling the stock, the livestock and the inspecting officers