Claim funding through PSF and SACGS

Farmers, crofters and agricultural contracting businesses will soon be able to make their soil analysis claims online for the Preparing for Sustainable Farming (PSF) programme and capital grant claims for the Sustainable Agriculture Capital Grant Scheme (SACGS).

From Wednesday 2 November 2022 claims for PSF soil analysis and carbon audits can be made on the Preparing for Sustainable Farming guidance page and from the Sustainable Agriculture Capital Grant Scheme for SACGS page.

As part of the claims process, businesses will be required to upload supporting information:

  • Soil sample results for every sample claimed (PSF)
  • Suppliers’ invoices which detail the cost of soil analysis (PSF) or the capital item claimed for SACGS (invoices should include date of sampling/purchase of item and amount paid)
  • Bank/credit card statements (referencing payment of soil samples for PSF or the capital items claimed for SACGS)
  • Geotagged photographs of items claimed (SACGS)
  • Details about the businesses carbon audit (for PSF and SACGS) and or nutrient management plan (SACGS)you have already had prepared

Preparing for Sustainable Farming (PSF) is the first phase of the National Test Programme, which aims to help farmers and crofters to meet the conditions of future agricultural policy and support. Amongst other things, PSF provides guidance on how to prepare and make a claim for funding towards the costs of carbon audits and soil analysis.

Preparing for Sustainable Farming launch – Apr 2022 –

The Sustainable Agriculture Capital Grants Scheme (SACGS) provides capital support to help businesses to invest in equipment to reduce harmful ammonia emissions and reduce adverse impacts on water quality, resulting from the storage and spreading of livestock slurry and digestate.

Equipment to farm sustainably -

Published on: 2 November, 2022