Date published: 7 December, 2022

Greening was introduced to improve the environmental performance of farming.

Greening Guidance 2023

Greening Guidance 2022

A new Greening payment ‘for agricultural practices beneficial for the climate and environment’ will be paid on top of the Basic Payment Scheme from 2015.

Thirty per cent of Scotland’s Pillar One budget will be allocated to the Greening payment.

Under the Common Agricultural Policy reform, it is mandatory for applicants to the Basic Payment Scheme to comply with Greening requirements, where relevant on their land.

In return for this, an additional Greening payment will be made. The Greening requirements cover:

  • permanent grassland
  • crop diversification
  • Ecological Focus Areas (EFAs)

To make sure you receive the Greening payment with your basic payment, you must comply with Greening requirements.

Many businesses already comply with Greening requirements as part of their normal agricultural practices.

However, it is important you read the full guidance to see which Greening requirements apply to you.