Vegetatively propagated genetically-improved Sitka spruce

Date published: 1 March, 2017

To encourage the use of the most productive Sitka spruce plants, this capital grant is available under the conifer option to support the use of plants produced by vegetative propagation.

The plants must have been produced by vegetative propagation from seeds derived from controlled pollinations in 'Parents of Families' in the tested category.

If you propose to use this capital item then the site must have the capacity to achieve a minimum average yield class 14 for Sitka spruce across the application area.

You must provide a copy of the supplier's document when submitting an initial planting claim (see example document below). A template is also provided.

This should include information such as quantity, the region of provenance and Master Certificate Number. See the Forestry Commission's Marketing and Supplying Forest Reproductive Materials for further information.