Forestry Grant Scheme

Scotland’s woodlands and forests are a vital national resource and play an important role in rural development and sustainable land use.

As well as helping to reduce the impacts of climate change and providing timber for industry, our forests enhance and protect the environment and provide opportunities for public enjoyment.

The Forestry Grant Scheme (FGS) will support:

  • the creation of new woodlands – contributing towards the Scottish Government target of 10,000 hectares of new woodlands per year
  • the sustainable management of existing woodlands

During the Scottish Rural Development Programme 2014–2020, £252 million will be available through this scheme.

You can apply for support under eight categories:

  • two for the creation of woodland
  • six for management of existing woodland

Within some of these categories, there is a range of funding options which relate to specific types of project or work.

This scheme is delivered through:

The Scottish Rural Development Programme and Forestry Commission Scotland logos