Date published: 19 February, 2016

The review process is used when an applicant, or their agent, is not content with the approval decision relating to an Agri-Environment Climate Scheme application. It may also occur where the contract offered does not include all of the management options or capital items that were originally applied for.

A complaint against the manner in which the assessment of the application has been handled should be considered through the appropriate complaints process.


If you are not satisfied with our decision, you may wish to ask us to formally review our decision. When reviewing a case, we can only consider the information that was originally submitted and will not consider new additional documentation.

To request a review you must submit a written request to the address provided in the decision letter or the contract offer, and within the timescale provided in the decision letter or the contract offer – quoting your case reference number.

The review request will be considered by an approving officer who was not involved in the original decision on the case. We aim to respond in writing within 28 days with a decision. This letter will either confirm, amend or alter our original decision and explain what the implications of the new decision will be.

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