Overview of schemes

Use the tables below to find funding that is relevant to you and check what has changed since the last programme.

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Depending on your circumstance, business or location, there may be several funding options available to you. Use the table below to check the high-level eligibility for each scheme.

About you Available schemes
Active Farmer with at least three hectares of land Basic Payment Scheme (BPS)
(including Greening and Young Farmer payments)
New and / or young farmer who does not automatically qualify for the Basic Payment Scheme National Reserve
Keep a suckler beef herd Scottish Suckler Beef Support Scheme (Mainland and Islands)
Keep sheep on rough grazing land Scottish Upland Sheep Support Scheme
Interested in projects that help protect the environment Agri-Environment Climate Scheme
Creation and management of woodland and forests Forestry Grant Scheme
Farm land designated as a Less Favoured Area Less Favoured Area Support Scheme (LFASS)
Run a crofting business Crofting Agricultural Grant Scheme,
Croft House Grant Scheme
Run a small farm (between three and 30 hectares) Small Farms Grant Scheme
New entrant to farming New Entrants grants
Want to explore new ways of working in agriculture, forestry and land management Knowledge Transfer and Innovation Fund
Run a small rural business processing food products Food Processing, Marketing and Co-operation
Interested in sharing ideas and good practice with regards to rural development Scottish Rural Network
Want to access advice and support from experts Advisory service

While some of our schemes are new for the 2014-20 Scottish Rural Development Programme, others have been updated from the last programme. Use the below table to check what schemes are new and what schemes have been updated.

Scheme name Previous name What's changed
Basic Payment Scheme Single Farm Payment - payment can be made up of three elements: Basic Payment, Greening and Young Farmer

- the total of Direct Payments over €150,000 is progressively reduced by five per cent

- separate National Reserve for those farmers who do not have automatic eligibility
Scottish Suckler Beef Support Scheme (Mainland and Islands) Scottish Beef Scheme No significant changes other than variable rates for mainland and island
Scottish Upland Sheep Support Scheme New scheme N/A
Agri-Environment Climate Scheme Rural Priorities - application is online only

- only one application window per year

- change in payment rates

- necessity to keep a diary to record actions taken to carry out management requirements

- third party applicants can apply with agreement of all land owners
Forestry Grant Scheme Forestry Commission Challenge Fund No significant changes to available funding but now a stand-alone
forestry scheme
LFASS LFASS - there has been some changes to eligibility, meaning more farmers may be able to access this support

- degressivity will apply from 2015. This means payments for larger holdings above 4000 ha will be restricted

- "grazing categories” have been
renamed “land quality categories” but with no other changes

- the payment rates are a now maximum

- forage crop codes eligible for LFASS have in some cases been re- labeled, but are effectively still the same
Crofting Agricultural Grant Scheme Crofting Counties Agriculural Grant Scheme TBC
Small Farms Agricultural Grant Scheme New scheme N/A
New Entrants Capital Grant New scheme N/A
Young New Entrants Start-up Grant New scheme N/A
Knowledge Transfer and Innovation Fund Skills Development Scheme There are certain similarities to the old scheme, such as an emphasis around skills, but it now also has a strong focus on knowledge transfer and innovation. There are, therefore, some differences in:

- types of applications

- focus Areas

- eligibility

- rates of grant
Food Processing, Marketing and Co-operation Food Processing, Marketing and Co-operation Main changes include:

- types of applications

- eligibility

- rates of grant

- approval procedures

- strategic Food and Drink priorities
Broadband New scheme N/A